Welcome to Memphis!

Memphis Tennessee is the largest city in Tennessee. We are located in the westernmost part of the state on the banks of the Mississippi River. Across the river is Arkansas. Or as NINJA MAN put it: “I can see Arkansas…”

Besides the obvious well-known history of Memphis (Elvis, MLK, Cotton, Civil War, and Slavery), this city has a rich culture and more history than is commonly known.

Music, Music, Music!

Some call Memphis Tennessee the Birth Place of Rock and Roll. Whether or not that’s true, Memphis is home to several historic and famous recording studios like Ardent Studios, Sun Studios, Stax, and Goner Records and is proud to host a vibrant modern music scene with countless great musicians.

Wild Bills - Memphis Tennessee

Besides rock and roll, Memphis is famous for Blues music, and visitors can find a wide array of blues artists old and new at several famous venues and “juke joints” around town. Wild Bill’s at 1580 Vollentine Ave is a popular and authentic juke joint complete with hot wings and 40 oz bottled beers. Wild Bill’s is off the beaten path and well worth the trip.

Memphis Night Life

There are tons of “hole in the wall” bars and pubs all over Memphis including the Buccaneer, the P&H, the Poplar Lounge, Newby’s, Skunx, DKDC, and more.

Foodie Memphis

Memphis is also somewhat famous for it’s food. There’s plenty of great BBQ if you like it and there are many locally-owned restaraunts serving all sorts of foods. Downtown boasts a lot of great foodie destinations, and you can also find a growing selection of excellent cuisine in Midtown for all budgets.

Imagine Vegan, Two Sisters Vegan – nuff said. Memphis got food n grease n thing.

Where Ya Goin?

Public transportation in the Memphis is sadly mostly useless. The few bus routes that run have limited schedules, and the “central” bus station is now way out past the freeway by the airport.

In midtown and downtown and other areas bicycling is becoming more of a transportation option for many Memphis people. Memphis City has a plan for bicycles. Buses maybe not. But there’s Lyft and Uber – both doing quite well. Folks gotta get around their city, right?

All About the ROOTS!

Mama Earth loves her some MEMPHIS!

One of the best things about Memphis is it’s natural beauty. We’re deep in the delta, with lots of moisture and many many different shades of green in the lush summer months, and every color of the rainbow in the spring and the summer.

Memphis also has majestic trees all over the place and this makes it a pleasant city with plenty of shade and birds. For more trees, Overton Park is home to an old-growth forest with several walking trails through it, and on a hot summer day, the forest is 10 degrees cooler than the rest of town.

Shelby Farms park is the biggest park within a city limits in the US (even bigger than Central Park) and can even be accessed from midtown by bicycle on the Memphis Greenline. The Greenline is a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian east-west path from Tillman St to Shelby Farms park in East Memphis.

There’s a lot to enjoy and explore in Memphis.